So far Alf Jacob Nilsen has co-authored no less than 17 book titles on coral reef aquatics with Svein A. Fosså, another South Coast Norwegian. Book number 18 is to be published in 2016 (see below).

The two authors have co-operated on a lot of aquarium related projects since they first met in 1978. As authors they have learned to divide work and research efforts between them in a most effective way. With Svein having aquatics as his full-time occupation and business, and Alf Jacob having it as an all-embracing hobby and spare-time pursuit, they make a team that successfully digs into the science of reef biology and reef keeping from many angles. Below is a short presentation of the book production of Svein A. Fosså and Alf Jacob Nilsen. Links are provided for further info and ordering. 


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FOSSÅ & NILSEN: Das Korallenriff-Aquarium Band 2 Natur & Tier Verlag (NTV), Münster, Germany.


  • Aquarium types and decoration
  • Live rocks
  • Parasites and diseases
  • Algae
  • Aquarium presentations


490 pages and endless high quality photographs!





FOSSÅ & NILSEN (2010): Das Korallenriff-Aquarium Band 1 in NEW updated edition. Natur & Tier Verlag (NTV), Münster, Germany.

May 2010:  The first volume of the classic book series ´Das Korallenriff-Aquarium´ by Svein A. Fosså and Alf Jacob Nilsen has now been republished in a totally revised, updated and expanded version.

The revised book covers no less than 480 pages and is packed with colour photographs, drawings and diagrams, most of which are new for this edition.

For more information please click HERE. For ordering, please visit the publisher´s website.

NILSEN & FOSSÅ (2004): The Most Beautiful Aquariums of the World. Tectum Publishers and Loft Publications, Antwerp, Belgium. 
NOTE: Sold out from the publisher!

Thist is not your average aquarium book. It is a book about the use of aquariums as decorative elements and focal points in room furnishing. This book focuses at architecture, decoration, furniture, as well as aquariums and living aquatic organisms. Through sequences of beautiful photography and short pieces of texts, it tells the story of how a small segment of nature, in the form of life in a glass encased box, can be a part of a beautiful room interior. For more details, please click HERE.


NILSEN & FOSSÅ (2002): Reef Secrets: Starting Right – Selecting Fishes & Invertebrates – Advanced Biotope Techniques, Microcosm - T.F.H. Professional Series, USA.
New edition 2008

A profusely illustrated guide to selecting fishes, corals, and other invertebrates, with lessons from the wild on how to create simpler, more stable reef aquariums. Secrets of good water quality, water motion, lighting, aquascaping, live rock, and substrates; understanding algae, feeding, reef ecology. The book emphasizes the importance of sustainable trade in aquarium organisms and the responsibilities of dealers and hobbyists. For more details, please click HERE.


FOSSÅ & NILSEN (1996-2002): The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, Bornheim, Germany.

Four volumes of this English series has been published so far. MCRA is an updated version of the German 'Korallenriff-Aquarium' (see below), adjusted and expanded for the English speaking market. Follow this link for more detailed description of the series.

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NOTE: Volume 1, 2 and 3 sold out!

FOSSÅ & NILSEN (1992-2001): Korallenriff-Aquarium, Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag, Bornheim, Germany.

This series in German has been concluded with 6 volumes, some in revised editions. The most recent editions of the six volumes totals 2,184 pages – making it one of the most extensive works on reef aquaria ever published. Detailed description of the books (in German) and ordering info can be found on the publisher's web site.

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FOSSÅ & NILSEN (1988-1992): Korallrevsakvariet, G.P.R.-Produktion, Gothenburg, Sweden.

This was the series that started it all, with 4 volumes in Swedish. After so many years on the market, this modest series is now largely outdated, but should still possess collectors value. Some volumes may still be available from Bokförlaget Akvaristen in Sweden.

NOTE: All volumes sold out!