The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium

‘The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium’ by Fosså and Nilsen is an extensive 4-volume book series
on coral reef aquatics

The series is adapted, updated and expanded from Germany’s best-selling reef aquarium advice - ‘Korallenriff-Aquarium’. 

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Read what reviewers say about the books:

Volume 1:
"Readers will find that the high regard with which this work, and its authors, are held is justified. ... The book is a pleasure to read. The text is interesting, accessible and highly informative. ... It is filled with beautiful illustrations, including stunning photographs and excellent drawings, as well as graphs and tables that transmit information very effectively." 
Dr. Doug Robbins, Aquarium Frontiers, California

"... it's even better in English than in German! ... If you can afford only one series of books, this is the one you must consider buying."
Michelle Blanchard, FAMA, California

Volume 2:
"This book takes alot of the guess work out of choosing corals for the home aquarium. ... I find it most refreshing that there are authors who obviously love this hobby and are willing to share whatever secrets they have acquired through the years rather than keep this information to themselves."
Luis Mercado, Planet Reef web site

"... The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium - Volume 2 has already had an excellent reception within the industry, the hobby and, most encouragingly, within academic/scientific circles. It is, clearly, already well on the way to becoming an essential work of reference for all those interested in this unique group of marine invertebrates."
John Dawes, OFI Journal, Spain

"Try as I might to find an area to criticise, I could not! Details were scientifically accurate, well-researched and comprehensive, for which the authors must be fully congratulated. ... the marinist of the future will still be enjoying these marvelous books [MCRA1 and 2] long after the 'fashion-seeking' volumes have dropped by the wayside!"
Nick Dakin, Nick Dakin's World of the Marine Aquarium

Volume 3:
"Alf Nilsen and Svein Fosså have added a valuable new volume to their The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium series. The identification photographs and illustrations are superb, the text is full of material that will broaden your biological knowledge and provide important husbandry information, and the “Selected Aquaria” will inspire you to new heights of reefkeeping."
Dr. Doug Robbins, Aquarium Frontiers Online

Volume 4:
"...this volume maintains the high standards set by the previous three in the series. For the high quality of the biological and aquaristic material and the outstanding photographic and artistic visuals, this book is truly one of the most important "must haves" in the library of the advanced aquarist."
Dr. Doug Robbins, Aquarium Frontiers Online



Vol. 1: The basis for successful reef aquarium keeping: Reef biology, aquarium decoration, set-up and maintenance, light, temperature, water chemistry, biochemistry, filtration, water circulation, live rock, marine algae, etc. 

First published in 1996.
367 pages.



Vol. 2: Reef invertebrates, part I: Cnidaria. Biology and aquarium maintenance of all cnidarians (hydroids, jellyfish, corals, sea pens, anemones and equal) of relevance to the reef aquarium. 

First published in 1998
479 pages


Vol. 3: Reef invertebrates, part II. Biology and aquarium maintenance of unicellular animals, sponges, worms, crustaceans, and many other invertebrates for the reef aquarium. Presentation of selected reef aquaria of the world. 

First published in 2000
448 pages

Vol. 4: Reef invertebrates, part III. Biology and aquarium maintenance of snails, mussels, sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea squirts, and many other invertebrates for the reef aquarium. Introductory chapter by Dr. Bruce A. Carlson on "The Future of Reef Aquariums". 

First published in 2002
480 pages